Learning how to use a WordPress website

Selecting the right website for your business

Selecting a website for your business can seem very overwhelming! If you’re feeling this way, you should absolutely set up a consultation with us. We will get to know your business’s needs and make recommendations as to what is the best builder or agency for you to work with to build your brand’s website.

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There are a number of website builders out there, and each one is better for different types of businesses. We have experience in managing and building Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and Shopify websites. We don’t recommend WordPress sites  to the beginner at all. They are extremely customizable, which means you can make them whatever you want, but you can also screw them up pretty easily. Unless you’re blogging to ad advertisements, you should probably hire a WordPress webmaster o help you with your WordPress website. If you’re blogging to add advertisements, you should learn WordPress. The benefits of learning how to use wordpress is that you can monetize it, or ad advertising banners,  or  add specific plus ins to make it a membership site or other custom features!

What can you do with WordPress?

According to Yoast – 

One of the big powers of WordPress is that you can
use it to do all kinds of things. For example, you can set up:
● a blog
● a news site
● a membership site
● a photography site
● an online store
● a business site
● a discussion foruma knowledge base
● … and much more!
This list could go on and on, the options are countless. Because it’s so easy
to customize, WordPress is a very strong and flexible foundation that can
house anything you want to build.

I’ve decided to use wordpress to build my brand

Great! We love WordPress. We highly recommend taking this WordPress for Beginner’s Course, by Yoast. If you’re not following Yoast, you need to subscribe to their email newsletter ASAP! You can subscribe on their main site – Yoast

Then take the Yoast FREE WordPress for Beginner’s Course. In fact, this class might be beneficial to anyone that is shopping for a website. It gives you a lot of information about what websites can do! 

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I hope this helps! Enjoy building your WordPress site and making it your own!

Danielle Dorrie, DD & Co marketing

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