Welcome to DD + Co.

Hello! My name is Danielle, but my friends call me DD.

I’m kind of sort of addicted to social media and to increasing engagement organically, and getting results for your brand. My path thus far has taken me from Florida to Maine, and I’ve worked in bars, restaurants, event centers, and inns, but my passions lie in social media and internet marketing, and I’ve managed that roll in all of my past lives. (I also am a wedding photographer for CloserNorth.com and manage two blogs – thewanderinglights.com and lovemaineadventures.com) DD + Co. is the culmination of those passions, and I am THRILLED to be able to start on this journey, and bring my skills to helping small hospitality businesses tell their story on social media so that their customers can experience all that they have to offer, leaving the business owner time and energy to run the business, and also enjoy your life!!

I’ve partnered with some of the best to put together independent marketing plans for your small hospitality business. You’ll meet with me – DD – and I’ll get to know you and your brand. I’ll come and patronize your business and tell other about the experience. I’ll put together a plan that will bring you organic results on your social media pages, and you will stay top of mind with your current fans – and the new ones we will find for you! Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation + intro session to find out how we can work to represent your brand in the internet world.