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DD + Co. provides online marketing services such as social media management, social media content creation, email newsletter creation and more. Owner Danielle Dorrie also provides one on one in person marketing consultation services to business owners located in the regions of Bangor, Bar Harbor, Greenville, Moosehead Lake, Millinocket, Belfast, and Hampden, Maine. If you’re looking for someone to tell your story online, look no further that DD + Co. Contact DD today via email to talk about what you need help with marketing wise and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

Tourism based businesses such as bars, restaurants, activities, excursions, hotels, inns, trips, tours, and service providers are our specialty, however we can confidently tell the story of any business. Telling your businesses story on your social media profiles is a relationship based service, and as we get to know your business, we learn where we can promote you most effectively through online marketing channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google for Business, and more. We also offer business photography services, and we can manage your database of current photography and add to your photo library. We also provide graphic design services for social media and email newsletters. Hire DD + Co. for a fraction of the cost that it would take to have a full time staff member on board! Trust the experts to manage your social media channels. 

Contact us when you need someone to manage your social media with an approved social media content calendar and strategy. We use photos unique to your business and we keep your branding consistent across all platforms. Contact us when you need marketing consultation services, like setting up your Google for Business profile, or responding to reviews online. Want some help updating your website or getting found online? We do that too. Not sure if we offer a service? Just ask! 

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Danielle Dorrie is a marketing consultant in Hampden, Maine who serves the surrounding communities such as Bangor, Greenville, Belfast, Brewer, Moosehead Lake, Orono, and more.

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“Partnering with DD and Co was the critical next step we needed to make our social media posts stand-out and gain traction with our audience.  When left to my own devices – I find myself spending time in the barn and making cheese which are all things I love about this business.  However to that end the first thing to fall off my plate was the social media posts.  I never had pictures and was too busy to share with our tribe all that was going on on the farm.  This is where Danielle came in to save the day.  Having her work on the posts and tease out the fun facts of everyday farm life or even new beer launches helped us stay connected to our customers.  However, for our customers the emotion DD and Co created was that our customers felt connected to us and the farm.  I love to hear customers come in and say I loved your last post- its what made us come in today.  

Danielle would post 2-3 times a week from July to Dec and put a process in place that minimized the time I needed to be in front of the computer.  The professional look and feel of the posts also help elevate our brand on Instagram and FB.” – Joy, Turning Page Farm

Scenic Flights of Acadia

Danielle is great at scheduling posts in the upcoming days and weeks and also makes last minute posts for us – she does anything to promote our Scenic Flights.

Vicki Vroom, Scenic Flights of Acadia

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Danielle has been wonderful to work with. She takes the time to really understand your business and your business’ needs. She gets stuff done in a timely manner and comes up with new, creative approaches. 

Dr. Freese, Penobscot Medical Aesthetics