How to add us to your google for business listing

How to add us to your Google for Business

How to add someone as a user on Google for Business

In order for someone to post on your Google Business profile as you, the will need access to your Google For Business Profile. It’s easy to add someone! Here’s how you do it. 

According to Google,

“Owners of listings can invite additional users to own or manage a listing. When owners and managers are added, users share management of a listing without having to share personal account information. Owners, managers, and site managers all have different levels of access to the listing.

Only owners can add or remove users. However, managers may remove themselves from a listing. Google Groups cannot be added as managers or owners of listings.”

Go straight to Google’s Instructions

Google business page set up

How to get your Google business page using Google for Business

Having a presence on Google for Business is imperative! People are searching for businesses like yours regularly. If you’re not set up with a Google business page, you’re missing out on getting in front of all of those people searching! AND – EVEN BETTER – IT’S FREE!

Why is having a Google business page important?

When people are searching around them, Google maps pulls profiles of businesses that are near them and then displays them in the search results. This is your opportunity to WOW them with photos, reviews, descriptions, photos and offers.

How to set up your free Google page for your business

Loomly wrote this amazing article that walks you through setting up your Google for Business profile, and I thought it was imperative to share. Click the link to go to Loomly’s blog, where you’ll find step by step instructions as to how to set up and optimize your Google profile for online searches.

Let us help!

google business page love

Don’t have time to mess with it? That’s what we’re here for. Send us an email today! We will be in touch and gather date from you to setup your Google page, or if you already have one set up, we can make it pretty and add the information that your customers are looking for. We can help by responding to reviews, creating offers, updating photos, and more. Our team works to get to know your business and tells your story as you want it told. We know you’re busy, and this isn’t really your thing. This is why we made it ours. Send us a message today and we’ll be in touch!