How to invite people that like your Facebook Posts to like your Facebook Page

how to invite more people to like your facebook page

You may be seeing these notifications on your Facebook Business Page. Here’s what to do to take advantage of this! 

Did you know you can manually invite people who have liked your Page’s Facebook posts to like your Facebook page? It’s important to make sure that people that have expressed interest in your page, like your page so you can captivate them with your future postings 🙂 It’s very simple to do. Here’s how! 

Step 1 – Find your Like Count for the post

First, head to the post and view it. Then  hover on, and click on the “Like” count. For this post, you’d click the number 14

a pop up window will show up and show the people that liked your post and it will also tell you if they like your page or not!

Step 2 – Click the “invite” button on the pop up window!

You should see some people to Invite (as well as those who have already Liked the Page). 

‘Invite’ should now say ‘Invited’.

Step 3 – See if they like your page!

If the person accepts the invitation you will see a notification in your Page notifications panel.

That’s all! I hope this helps! 


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